In 16 December 2016, 4. National Cotton Summit was held in İzmir. The head of National Cotton Council Mr. Barış KARAGÖZ said that our cotton produce have dropped from 930.000 tons to 400.000 tons. The reason for this is that the costs are high and difficult circumstances. So our producers have turned other economical agricultural products. Cotton area was dropped fifty fifty in the last 15 years. Thereby cotton producs also dropped from 900.000 tons to 400.000 tons. While Turkey export cotton, now it import cotton unfortunately.

In the recent years because of the high of cotton price and agricultural supports farmers have turned to cotton produce. But it is not enough.

According to experts if Çukurova and Ege region farmers produce cotton again, ther will be no need forTurkey to import cotton.

Because Turkey further away from the production of cotton, it lost to great extent domestic seed varieties. There are 95 registered varieties. The rate of 28 per cent of the cotton seeds developed in Turkey.

Tradable 56 per cent of cotton have producted from genetically modified organism (GMO) by like countries USA, Brazil, Australia an India. Turkey

Turkey aims become prominent as a country don’t use GMO in textile their marketing strategy.

Source: http://www.tarimdunyasi.net/