Head of the Union of Turkish Chambers of Agriculture (TZOB) Mr. Şemsi BAYRAKTAR expressed that agricultural production rapidly towards greenhouses from field and gardens.

He said that Turkey is very available for greenhouse because it has got proper climate and rich geothermal sources.

Three quarters of the banana, three-fifths of cucumber, two-fifths of pepper, strawberry, tomato and pumpkin, and one-third of eggplants have grown in greenhouses.

While greenhouse areas 1.000 ha. in 1960, they are reach about 66.400 ha. in these days. Turkey is taking place first four country on greenhouses in the world. We compete with Spain in Europe.

21.1 Per cent of total vegetable production and 1.95 percent of total fruit products have grown in greenhouses.

The most of greenhouses are in Antalya. Mersin and Adana provinces follow this province.