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In Europe forage crops cultivation area in fields are in Germany 37%, in France 26%, in Hollvetchand 31% and in Turkey %7. This situation says to us that forage crops cultivation area is not enough.

Turkey needs about 3.400 tons of clover seeds every need. But unfortunately have been produced only 634 tons of certified clover seeds in 2015. This figure was 1.465 tons in 2010.

While production of certified seeds of vetch supplies 12% needs of Turkey, in production of trefoil circumstance is worse.

According to the expert source of these problems are those,

  1. Deficiency about regulation of registration of forage crops (long registration process)
  2. Be low of supports of productions of certified forage crops
  3. Be low of supports of use of certified forage crops
  4. There is no enough amount of certified forage crops seeds
  5. There are no enough varieties of forage crops seeds in certification system