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In this article we will glance to the recently exporting of Turkish seeds. There is a table below about major export seed species. This table is organized on the basis of species and millions of dollars.

Species USD Million
1) Sunflower 48.8
2) Corn 30.7
3) Tomatoes 3.8
4) Cucumber 3.2
5) Cotton 2.2
6) Peppers 2
7) Melon&Watermelon 2
8) Onion 1.9
9) Fodder beet 1.7
10) Other forage crops 1

Source: Sub-Union of Seed Industrialists and Producers (TSÜAB)

As shown in the tables main seeds are sunflower and corn in export of Turkey in 2015. Furthermore rate of vegetables seeds has increased day by day.

Turkey has exported 10.7 thousand tons seed of sunflower to 24 different country. Important parts of there are hybrid seeds. They have been exported to countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, France, Spain, Austria, Kazakhstan and Sudan.

Hybrid corn seeds are mainly products also. They have been exported 12 thousand tons to 65 different countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Iran and Pakistan.

Tomato, cucumber, pepper and Melon&Watermelon are prominent seeds in export of vegetable seeds. In 2015 they have been exported to 35 different countries as Holland, the North Africa, the Middle East and the Central Asia.