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Research and Development (R&D) activities are not enough. First of all capabilities of plant breeding and development of variety should create as institutional.

Development rubixcubeof new technologies and transfers are important. Also use of biotechnologies in plant breeding and resistance of plant diseases effectively are substantial.

Create demand of use of certified seeds and their agricultural supports should increase.

Public supports should vary for undercapitalization of seed sector and about this deficiency of investments.

Generally capital of the seeds companies and their technical infrastructure are insufficient in Turkey. Therefore strategic cooperation of small companies ought to promote.

Primarily some foreign-dependent varieties such as potato, corn, sun flower, colza and any vegetables of supports in R&D should boost.

Fields not separate as seed and edible plants. Hence areas of seed production ought to constitute. Bureaucratic obstacles should ease also.

There are no qualified persons specially plant breeders in seed sector. For solution this problem cooperate university, research institutes and seed association.

Source: Magazine of Turkey Seed Growers Association