Turkey’sbitkiselyaglar exports of vegetable oil and its products increase 15% than 2015 and it reach 1.2 billion USD.

Head of Association of Vegetable Oil Industrial Mr. Tahir Büyükhelvacıgil said that Turkey has important place in vegetable oil exportation.

He also state that distinctness of consumption habits are efficient in vegetable oil exports to countries. For example in the Far East or South America countries’ favorite oils’ chance of export from Turkey is less. So it naturally affect negatively our exportation. He said we exports vegetable oils 80 countries particularly Iraq, Iran and Egypt. Most of our exportation make to the Middle East and Africa countries.

Though amount of exportation of vegetable oil and its products was 950.000 tons in 2015, it reach 1.200.000 tons in 2016. Its monetary value is 1.2 billion USD.

The ratio of sunflower oil in total oil exportation decreased 7% in 2015 and it dropped from 620.000 tons to 600.000 tons.

In Turkey 1.5 million tons of sunflower oil have been produced in year, he said. Percent of 85 of Turkish people cunsume sunflower oil.

He also said Turkey is in the top five in olive oil producer countries in the world.

He emphasized, it is necessary that increase of ratio of produce of high added value in exportation. We should produce at least 2-2.5  million tons of oilseed for meet domestic demand and our exportation, he said.

Source: Anadolu Agency