A kind of hybrid pepper seed resistant of winter conditions has been started by the Faculty of Agriculture of Ondokuz Mayıs University in Samsun.

As projepepperct coordinator Professor Doctor Ahmet Balkaya says There isn’t enough vegetables seeds resistant of winter conditions in greenhouse production in Turkey. This situation cause both yield decreasing and quality reducing in vegetable productions.

Mostly early vegetable varieties using for greenhouse breeding have been imported. So Turkey pays millions of liras for these seeds. Just for earlier pepper seeds have been paid 9 million liras every year.

He says that we are carrying out long term work for developing resistant of winter conditions and ending external dependency.

Low temperatures cause significant yield decreasing and low quality in greenhouse productions in winter. As a result farmers suffer a loss economically. Because most of expenditure in early growing result from heating expences.

In many countries low temperature resistant varieties of colder environment have used in pepper breeding. If we use low temperature resistant seeds, greenhouse breeding periods for winter period and early growing will be expanded

In this project we are developing hybrid pepper varieties low temperature resistant for winter period using native genetic sources.

We are carrying out joint work with a native seed firm in Antalya.

Source: Anadolu Agency