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According to authorities of the Pistachio Research Institutealmonds, it is in the Gaziantep province in Turkey (mostly grown pistachio), 2 pistachio varieties were  obtained from free pollination American variety of almond seed Texas (primitive form-non-variety) in 1999. Selections conducted between 1999 and 2008.

They said that we used 300 primitive form of variety of Texas almond as seed. We selected them until 2008. Then we transferred them to genetic parcels. We gave name them “Bozkurt” and “Halitbey”. We are inspired by names of our staff working in this subject.

We checked our almonds against American Nonpareil almond. In 2013 we applied to registered institute. Finally our almonds have been registered in 2016.

Our registered almonds come to the forefont in terms of quality and yield than their natural parents.

Weight of fruits of Halitbey is 2,17 grams and its performance is 43 percent. Although there is some bitterness in the taste of their parents, in our almonds there isn’t.

Though Halitbey gives fruit 7,28 kg per tree, Texas gives 5 kg. That is in comparison with Texas, Halitbey variety gives fruit more 40 percent.

Bozkurt variety gives fruit 10 kg per tree in its seventh years.

Source: Anadolu Agency