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nadasOfficials of the Union of Turkish Chambers of Agriculture (TZOB) said that 4.1 million hectares fields have been fallowed in Turkey. We are not rich enough for this. In an important parts of the fallow fields can be cultivated legume by alternation.

We have a production deficit in legumes yet. Turkey has 2.5% share of production of legumes in the world. Although we were growing legume in 20 million hectares in the 1990s, today this figure dropped as much as 8 million decare.

Legumes serve biological fertilizer. They enrich soils in terms of nitrogen and they increase yields in agriculture.

Legumes should be encouraged for alternation. In dry and semi dry alternation areas we should grow chickpea and lentil, in irrigated areas we ought to cultivate bean.

Officials emphasized government should increasingly continue to payment of premium supports for legumes producing. They also want to shouldn’t allow import of legumes in harvest periods.

Source: Anadolu Agency