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"En yaşlı zeytin ağacı Hz. İsa ile yaşıt olabilir"The oldest olive tree fruiting still is founded in Kırkağaç which is a district of Manisa province in Turkey. Its age is determined as 1,655 years by Turkish authorities.

Because other oldest trees in Greece and Spain can’t fruit, the tree which is in the Kırkağaç is given the title of the world’s oldest fruiting olive tree.

The tree was put under protection and it was given the status of monument trees.

Authorities of Kırkağaç mayor’s office said that the oldest olive tree proves the history of our district date back to old times. They also said that “the tree was believed important in terms of religion. So we want to gain the tree tourism. And we use to the tree for the presentation of printed posters and brochures of the region.

The tree’s owner Mr. Mehmet Adıgüzel said that 30 years ago when I bought the field some of my neighbors told me “the tree’s fruit yield is low and you should cut it”. But I spare the old tree. Also he said “Though it is older, it gives fruit enough for me. And its oil is great.” After the tree has accepted monument tree, I have donated a part of my field for landscaping and road construction for visit of the oldest olive tree.