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Regulation of MoFAL (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock-Turkey) about collection from nature, produce and exports has been published.

The regulation has regulated procedures and principles about seed, tuber, rhizome or other components from the nature collection, production, harvesting, storage and exportation for protection of bulbs of natural flowers. According to the regulation export firms will have to be the owner of the qualification respecting subject to quota of collection, production, harvesting and exportation.

Species of bulbs of natural flowers have to be approved by MoFAL. Firms have to owner production area 500 square metre for each species. Their total fields should min 5 decares and enough storage. Also they have to be a member of Sub-Union of Ornamental Plants Producers.

Firms should prepare approved plan by MoFAL about collection calendar for the bulbs of natural flowers to subject to quota. Not big enough bulbs have been planted to related area by the firms.

The firms don’t obey the rules of the regulation have been applied suction next year and by MoFAL.