According to agricultural products Turkey ranks first in Europe also it ranks seventh in the world. Agricultural sector especially seed sector is in development and growth. In this content domestic and outland of seed marketing have grown. But until 2006 the sale of seeds were done in the open so seeds couldn’t control. Some of dealers sold not registered seeds and some of farmers used and sold their yields as seed. Seeds were being kept in inappropriate places. Some of dealer or distributors copied the packets and trademarks of well-known companies. The penalty was very law in the case of imitation. Controller didn’t have the authority for fine and keep report. There were no breeders’ rights and protection of varieties seed etc.

Until 1984 the price of seed exportation and domestic seed price determination couldn’t be made free. After this year because determination of seed price was released, many seed varieties entered in Turkey and the numbers of firms of private seed sector increased rapidly.

To solve these problems 5553 numbered the seed law enacted in 2006. After this law problems resolved largely. As a result of the low Turkey Seed Growers Association (TÜRKTOB) and its seven sub unions founded. Natural and legal persons in seed sector have been registered and the authority and control mechanism has been established.

Thanks to the law and regulations standards and qualities of seeds has raised and competition fields have been created. Since 2002 use of certified seeds have increased about 5 times.

The history of private seed sectors is fairly new in Turkey. Before 1980 there were just two private firms and their share of certified seeds marketing were 1-2%. Both exportation and importation were limited. There were just a few million dollars of seed trade and it was made by public bodies.

In 1984 importation of seeds were released. This year is very important in case of seed sector. After this year the distributing and marketing of both seed importation and domestic seed productions have developed. Private sector has get their distributing and marketing network. In recent years, the need for qualification of certified seed ratio was approximately as high as 85% levels.

In Turkey every year 17-18 million hectares of fields have cultivated and from them 2.5-3 million tons of seed have obtained. 800-900 thousands of seeds are certified. Needs of Turkey’s certified seeds are about 2.8 million tons in 2015.

While the productions of certified seed were 145 thousand tons, it reached 896 thousand tons in 2015. Also seed distribution has increased in parallel with the production. It can be said 95 % of seeds has distributed to farmers. About 5 % of theirs transfers the other year.

The policies of agricultural support have affected significantly positive side. Between 2005 and 2015 years 691 million liras have been given to farmers as support of the use of certified seeds. Also 306 million liras have been given as support of the use of seedling and sapling.

Thanks to the seed law the seed sectors has been disciplined. According to the law authority of control of seed marketing has been given to the ministry of agriculture.

Many of problems about the market control have solved with the seed law but still illegal not certified seeds sale are seen in the market. Furthermore unfortunately there are sales of the open market and unauthorized sales. Ministry of agriculture and related bodies has tried hard to solve these problems.

As a result Turkish seed sector are getting better day by day with its deficiencies.

Source: Magazine of Turkey Seed Growers Association, Issue 19