As is known Turkey shot a Russian fighter plane in 2015. In the sequel Russia imposed some economic sanctions on Turkey. Agriculture is the sector most affected by the crisis. After a year from the crisis Russia lifted the embargo on some agricultural products. But Russia didn’t purchase tomato which is the most important product of agricultural export. On the other hand, Turkey, one of the largest wheat import market in Russia, placed an embargo on the wheat because of diseased products.

Seed was one of the least affected sectors from crisis. Because Russia’s capacity of seed production is insufficient for its necessity, Russia declared seeds as exception products.

Turkey is a important production center in the sunflower seed. Not only Turkish companies but also multinational companies make production sunflower seeds in Turkey. Turkey is a important supply center also. Hence Turkish companies could export both in 2015 and in 2016. They said they were hopeful than 2017. Also they said that Turkey should take lessons from the crisis and it should give more attention to seed sector with R&D.

Source: www.dunya.com