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Although Turkey has a research institute about potato, until 01 April 2015 unfortunately it hasn’t a national potato variety. Related research Institute was found in 1938 in Niğde province as apple nursery but it interested in potato produce since 1987. In 1996 its name changed “Potato Research Institute”.

This institute started work of develop of national potato variety in 2003. Its project name is “Develop of produce system of territorial potato seed produce” was supported by a public body (TUBİTAK) in 2005. Staff of this institute made hybridization among different parents between 2007 and 2014. After this work they had 612 thousands hybrid potato seed. In the institute continued work of selection in thousands of new candidate potato varieties. This institute finally could register two national potato varieties in 2015. In April 2017 Turkey has eight national potato varieties.

Director of the Potato Research Institute Mr. Uğur Pırlak said that “Turkey farmers use potato varieties which have been breeding in Holland, Germany, France, Scotland, Ireland and USA. Turkey hasn’t enough registered potato varieties and it is a problem for our country. To solve this problem, we will continue the work of breeding and we offer registration minimum two national potato varieties.” He also said “To see the performance of native potato varieties we will distribute the seeds to the leading farmer of the region. After this stage we are going to do activities about the transfer to the private sector.”