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In 2002, some volunteers have founded “Buğday(wheat) association for supporting ecological living” in Turkey. This association has addressed importance of native seeds for the continuity of agricultural biodiversity conservation, rural life and eco-friendly in order to ensure the continuity of traditional life.

In 2006, the sale of unregistered native seeds have been banned by seed law. Then Buğday association has started a project called “seed barter network”. Purpose of this project is interchange between small producers and seed lovers for prevent of native-ancestry seeds.

Under Project some of seeds such as disappear or endangered varieties and no longer being used for a variety of reasons in the production of local seed varieties were investigated and provided. Then this seeds have sowed in some ecological farms. Thanks to the project new seeds obtained from sowed ancestry seeds are bartering and sharing by website of www.tohumtakas.org. In addition this seeds have been followed in the digital environment. According to the officials of the association this project is the first in Turkey.