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Head of Turkey Seed Growers Association (TSGA- TÜRKTOB) Mr. Kamil YILMAZ shared their target about Turkish seed sector in general assembly of Sub-Union of Seed Industrialists and Producers. He said that “One of important goals of Turkish seed sector and TSGA is firstly increasing of amount of certified seeds from 957 thousand tons to 1.5 million tons then supplying all of the seed necessity of Turkey. Another our important goal is works of research and development (R&D). We need qualified research foundations for the future of Turkish seed sector. That the ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MoFAL)  increase support of R&D activities from 300 thousand Turkish Liras (TL) to 3 million TL is very important opportunity for private sector. We should benefit from this opportunity. Also that MoFAL don’t give agricultural supports to non-certified seeds is good for our targets.

Turkey has exported seeds about 70 countries. Especially we has have request Middle East, Middle Asian and Northern Africa countries. I believe you will provide well this requests.

If we want to be a global actor in the world seed sector we ought to get more share with our own brands. Although Turkey has important advantages such as topographic and climatic suitability for seed producing, it is under its potential.

For the next 10 years, the main objectives of the national seed industry could be summarized as;

We should increase our domestic seed producing to 1.5 million tons until 2023,

We should place importance on R&D activities,

We should make more effort on plant breeding for new plant varieties,

We should increase our export potential at least two times,

We should develop new varieties which they have native tastes for consumers and industrialists,

We should increase capacity of employment of seed sector,

We should take part in the top ten just not in the seed trade volume but using and producing certified seeds,

We should effective market control and we should prevent illegal sales and unrecorded seed sales,

We should increase the quality human resources,

We should decrease bureaucratic procedures,

And we should set up accredited national plant and seed health laboratory.”