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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) released a research called “Field research for agricultural financing 2016” about Turkey. Experts use data during season production of 2016-2017. They interviewed 796 producers from 58 provinces in Turkey. There are some important information in research such as demographic structure of farmers or producers, access to finance, problems of Turkey’s agriculture.

Here are some highlights of the research results;
After owner’s equity bank credits have been the most referenced financial source with 46.6%. This rate reaches 52.3% with agricultural credit cards. In 2011 this rate was just 15%. Hence we understand that agricultural financing has shown progress for the last six years in Turkey. According to Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency credit volume for provided agricultural sector has increased more than three times between 2010 and 2016 years. It is thought that this increase is derived from some private banks which are entering for the first time to the field of agricultural banking competition.
According to the research the following are the most important problems of Turkey’s agriculture;
Expensive in agricultural inputs, Dependence of foreign – 25.4%
Low producer’s product prices 24.8%
Unstable agricultural policies – 16.6%
Small/Scattered farmland – 8.1%
Inadequate organization (cooperatives/unions) – 5.8%
The lack of appropriate number of/affordable price workers – 5.4%
The low level of the producers/farmers’ technical information – 3.9%
Difficulty to get loans from banks – 3.1%
Financial necessity for new/additional investment – 1.8%
Compelling conditions of warrantee – 1.6%
The lack of adequate and quality machine/equipment – 1.2%
Other – 2.4%
In 2011 research about same topic the first three items above has been observed that the ranking does not change. By contrast, the challenges of funding needs decrease.
Again according to the research (2016) investment plans for the future of farmers are follows;
Get new land (including create a garden) -30%
Get additional livestock – 19%
Get new machine/equipment – 17%
Modernise the existing production facilities – 14%
Make irrigation investmek – 10%
Build storage/handling/packing facility – 6%
Build green housing facility – 2%
Build new livestock facility – 2%
Other – 1%