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Because domestic prices are high, the Turkish Government reduced custom duties in wheat, barley, maize, carcass meat and live animals. When opening the doors by lowering import taxes, on the same day, an examplary model in agriculture “Smyrna model” was spoken in London.

Aziz Kocaoğlu mayor of Smyrna metropolitan municipality made a presentation about the model in the conference organized by the World Bank and The Economist. The model was adopted as a model to be applied. The success of the model is largely based on studies on Agriculture and rural development.

Smyrna Model?

10 years ago, the Smyrna metropolitan municipality launched a movement “Development Model in Native” to improve the agriculture and rural development with cooperatives.

Since 2007 the Smyrna metropolitan municipality supported cooperatives of agricultural development and producer associations for producing small-scale family businesses in the countryside to continue production for the purpose of agricultural development. And it made an important achievement.

The municipality purchased seedlings, saplings and flowers for parks and gardens from the cooperatives within the scope of contract manufacturing-product purchase guarantee. Also it purchased some foods such as cheese, honey and olive etc. for food aid packages for poor families.

In this way farmers stayed in their villages and migration decreased from villages to cities. Moreover the cooperatives increased their infrastructure and developed their production capacities.

Source: “http://www.tarimdunyasi.net”