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In January egg prices increased up to 0,35 Turkish Liras and it saw the Summit. After seven months later, prices decreased to 0.16 liras.

The head of YUMBİR (Turkish Egg Producers Association) Mr. Hasan Konya said that “A new term show up in Turkey ‘industrial egg’. This term is using eggs produced from modern poultry house. According to the created perception our eggs are not egg, they are like industrial product. After this perception our eggs’ price have reduced.

In the recent days preference of Turkish people has changed about eggs. People choice eggs of cage-free chicken rather than ‘industrial eggs’, because some experts warned the industrial eggs are unhealthy. According to the experts there have been antibiotics and genetically modified plants which are unhealthful in chicken feed.

Against this idea Mr. Konya said that “Cage-free chickens are not register and they aren’t vaccine. Also these eggs produced in uncontrolled hen house. But numbers of these hen houses have increased excess recently. Then the price of our eggs reduced abnormally.”