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One of the most important problems to be experienced in the future is adequate and healty nutrition. The necessary measures in this regard should be taken. It is the most important solution to achive
high yield increase from unit area. The most suitable materials for developing high yield varieties in accordance with ecological conditions are our genetic diversity and seed resources.

Turkey has a very important place in the world in terms of genetic resources with 11707 taxa and 3035 endemic taxa.
For this purpose Turkey Seed Growers Association (TÜRKTOB) has developed a social responsibility project which its name is ‘On the seed trail’ in 2015.

As general this project’s aim to pick up, protect and evaluate of Turkey’s local gene sources. And to raise awareness about the bio-diversity smuggling. Also to bring proposals for the improvement of relevant legal regulations.

Some expectations from this project are;

To raise awareness about power of seed and its role and importance of genetic resources in the future.

Involvement of voluteers in the collection of genetic resources.

Delivery of collected resources to gene banks.

Prevent local varieties from extinction.