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pamukTurkish Minister of Customs and Trade Mr. Bülent TÜFENKCİ said that Turkey is in the top five countries about produce of qualified cotton. When we look at it, approximately 80 percent of the world’s cotton production is carried out by 8 countries in which Turkey is located. Also Turkey is the country where the most productive cotton production is made among the countries that produce 100% GMO-free cotton production.

Mr. Tüfenkci also noted that; “The use of cotton fibre has a 49 per cent in all the fibers used according to the latest data. Cotton is a plant which is the most consumed fibrous product in textile plants in the last ten years. As Turkey we known that both cotton and textile are strategic products for us. We are also aware of the raw material of textiles that this cotton is really worth to our country. If the sector’s coming to these days it is a great share that in the past in our country produces of significant amount and qualified cotton. We especially want the development of textiles in this region which is Southeastern Anatolia with the production of cotton, and we want the textile to develop in these areas by government promotion.

Turkey’s annual fibrous cotton needs are approximately 1,5 million tons. More than half of this has been imported. According to the National Cotton Council’s data, although cotton production area was 488 thousand hectares in the 2012-2013 seasons, it fell 415 thousand hectares in the 2016-2017 seasons. This year, a serious increase in the production area is expected. Experts said that in the season of 2017-2018 cultivaton area of cotton will reach approximately 500 thousand hectares, with a high increase of 20 percent this year. Also this year, production is expected to reach 850 or 900 thousand tonnes. Therefore, with the increase in production, the larger part of the need will be met from domestic production.

It seems that Turkish farmers return to cotton produce from corn production thanks to government promotion.