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fasulyeProf. Dr. Kantar, a faculty member of the Faculty of Agriculture at Akdeniz University, said “We have a variety of fresh and dried beans that can withstand cold temperatures of up to minus 4 degrees. We reached this conclusion with a 3-year study. The bean plant is tolerant to 10 degrees in normal conditions. The production of the plant decreases at temperatures below 10 degrees. Using 829 local bean genotypes used in various regions of Turkey, 3-year laboratory tests, molecular studies and field trials, the result of cold-resistant beans were produced. In laboratory tests, the seeds, which are resistant to minus 3 degrees Celsius, were taken to field trials for spring early planting in the conditions of Bolu and in the late autumn of Antalya for more than 2 years. The result of field trials, fresh and dried beans, which can withstand temperatures up to minus 4 degrees emerged.”

fasulye2He also said “Cold resistant bean varieties are very tasty and have a wide variety of types. They will be in the aroma of the beans eaten by the consumer in summer. Thanks to seeds which are cold resistant, the production of fresh beans in non-heated greenhouses in the coastal zone such as Antalya after stopping production due to cold in other regions will be able to continue.”

Source: Anadolu Agency