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farmingAn international food and beverage company (PepsiCO) has done an research about what do young generation think about farming profession. Do they want to work this area? For this purpose, a total of 800 hundred students, 400 of whom are students trained in agricultural departments and others are children of farmers, were interviewed. According to the research, a vast majority of young, like 65.5 percent, are undecided about farming.

The proportion of those who intend to deal with farming is 34.5 per cent and the most important factor in those wanting to do the farming profession has been determined to love agriculture by 32.3 per cent.

The proportion of students who stated that they would not prefer farming profession is 28.2 percent. In view of its distribution, 10.5 percent of the farming was seen as “exhausting/arduous work”. 10% of those who don’t want to farm show “insufficient income” as a motive. A group of 12.8 percent of the young has not wanted to do the farming profession on the grounds of “non-social Work”, “a job without dignity” and “not wanting to live in the village”.

As for the families, the majority wanted their children to do this profession, because they already have the means of farming. Six out of every 10 families were eager to have their children dealing with the farming profession.

However, 4 out of every 10 families do not offer their children to work in the farming professions. The main reason is that “farming is a tiring job”, “insufficient revenue supply”, “being an unreputable and non-social work”, “insufficient land” and “low soil yield” was shown.

According to the research, the most important motivation for young people to prefer farming emerged as 7.8 per cent of financial incentives and support. A key element is also stated as a sales guarantee.

Young students who participated in the study stated that the biggest problem with farming in Turkey is that advanced technologies are not sufficiently used.


Source: http://www.bloomberght.com