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fakibabaMr. Fakıbaba Turkish Minister of Food and Livestock has made some explanations. He said that; As the Turkish government, we have given in total 1,7 billion Turkish liras (TL) the following supports from 2005 which is the first year of seed supports.

1 billion Turkish liras (TL) (~ 267million $) certified seed usage support to 1.5 million our farmers.

330 million TL (~ 88 million $) certified seed production support to its producers.

362 million TL (~ 97 million $) certified sapling usage support to 86 thousands farmers.

3 million TL (800 thousands) certified sapling production support to its producers.

Thanks to these supports there have been significant increases in yield, quality and export in seed production.

Although production of certified seed was 145,000 tons in 2002, it has increased by 7 times and reached 1,050,000tons in 2017.

As of today, in our country, our ministry has 832 manufacturer firms that produce certified seed products. With 50 thousand production declaration, fields, warehouses and laboratory controls are made in the field of 3.8 million certified seed production.

Again in 2002, our exports of seeds of 17 million dollars increased by 8 times in 2017 to 136 million dolars (44 thousand tons). Our seed imports in 2017 amounted to 185 million dollars (40 thousand tons) as the lowest value of the last five years. The import coverage ratio of exports was 31% in 2002, but it reached 73% in 2017. As of today, we are exporting seeds to 79 countries.

In 2017, 3.8millionpieces of vine, 101.7 million pieces of fruit and 132.9 million pieces of strawberry, total 238.4 million certified seedlings/saplings were produced. Furthermore, 30.6million dollars of saplings and seedlings were exported.

In 2017, our exports of ornamental plants also amounted to 57 million dollars.

The number of varieties in seed production has also increased. As of today, more than 10,000 varieties of field and garden plants have been recorded on our national variety list.

These varieties have been highly skilled in accordance with new and market demands, and have contributed significantly to agricultural revenue in terms of quality and efficiency.

As you can see, there has been a continuous increase in our certified seed production and export since 2002.Today, Turkey is a country that produces and exports seeds. Our 2023 goal is 2 million tons of production and exports of 500 million dollars.

Source: http://www.turktob.org.tr/