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The ficarnationrst candidate variety of carnation of Turkey, called “Likya Kaya”, was registered by the Directorate of the Western Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute (BATEM) in order to ensure the production of native flowers.

In Antalya, where 65 per cent of Turkey’s 100 million-dollar ornamental plants exports were met, the project was implemented by BATEM. The project “development of carnation varieties” has assisted by TÜBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

With the participation of a large number of scientists, thousands of breeding and breeding studies were carried out in 2012-2015, revealing a new variety of pink and fragrant carnation. For this variety appeal was made application approximately 3 years ago and the Variety Registration and Seed Certification Center (TTSM) has complied registration of Likya Kaya in the end of March 2018.

Lycian Kaya, which carries the first native and national carnation of Turkey, was introduced in the BATEM greenhouses in the Aksu district of Antalya, to companies exporting flowers.

The production of rootstocks and seedlings from different countries, especially the Netherlands and Israel, is now being produced in Turkey and the domestic carnation is aimed to export.

The institute has developed more than 50 new kinds of carnations in different colors and smells including red, white, yellow, pink and purple. Works will also be carried out for the registration of preferred species in the direction of the request of the sector.

BATEM announced that they would sell the carnation of their registration and transfer them to the private sector.

“BATEM Manager Abdullah Ünlü said that “We have a dependence on foreign about carnation varieties every year because our producers take the varieties of carnations from abroad. We’re actually breaking it by registering the native carnation.”

Source: AA (Anadolu Agency)