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tkdorukTAREKS, a subsidiary of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, which is a public institution, has started its R&D activities in 1987 and gives new varieties to Turkey in different features and different types.

In 2017, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock has registered TAREKS’s main products ALBAYRAK and LILA maize varieties. In 2018, the new maize variety “TK DORUK” was registered. With TK DORUK, the number of varieties of TAREKS reached to 60. The remaining 14 species are expected to meet the farmer in the coming years.

TK DORUK, located in the middle earner group (FAO 600), was registered as a second product maize variety.

TK DORUK’s registration trials were carried out by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock for two years in Şanlıurfa, Kahramanmaraş, Mardin, Sakarya and Manisa locations. The average yield of the product is 1,316.7 – 1,361,6 kg/da in the second product conditions. Harvest grain humidity varies according to the locations, but it is between 16 – 20% and it has harvested grain moisture equivalent to other varieties that are widely planted on the market.

TK DORUK is recommended to the Southeast region as the second product, the late main product or the Aegean and Southern Marmara Regions for the June sowing, and the inner region as the main maize mproduct to the Trakya Region.

Source: https://www.tarimdanhaber.com/haber/tohum/tareksten-yeni-misir-cesidi-tk-doruk